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Healthy recipe for weight loss - Healthy Vegetarian Salads

Healthy recipe for weight loss - Healthy Vegetarian Salads - With the increasing consciousness about the importance of health and fitness , more people have started to eat healthy and engage in regular workouts but the lack of time and the ever-busy work schedule often prevents us from preparing healthy recipe at home .So, people are opting for simple calorie diet plan which contain easy to prepare vegetarian and non-vegetarian salads high in protein , fiber and vitamins . Try this easy recipe ...

Vegetarian salad recipes are easy to prepare and help in increasing satiety which in turn reduces the propensity to feast on unhealthy junk foods .Usually , junks foods are extremely harmful to the body and are devoid of any nutrition .Healthy salads for lunch and dinner made from fresh vegetables and dairy products provides several nutrients , vitamins and essential minerals required for human body and aids in weight loss .

Good salad making tips
Homemade dressing : This just takes to a new level , and it's only a tiny bit more work than opening a store -bought dressing .

Make everything bite .sized or smaller .When each bite contains more than one type of food , salad just tastes better .And no one wants to contend with a huge tomato wedge or thick cucumber slice-so cut everything into a similar size so that each forkful is tasty and manageable .

Dry your lettuce (or other greens) well .Wet lettuce is flavorless , and doesn't hold onto dressing which makes it even more flavorless .Wash and thoroughly dry your greens by using a salad spinner then patting dry with a clean kitchen towel -or use pre-washed bagged greens .

Toss the salad before serving .If you let each person put on their own dressing , some bites will be coated and others will be bland .Add the dressing and toss a few minutes before serving , so the dressing has a chance to really flavor the vegetables before they get eaten .

Make it interesting .Iceberg lettuce with unripe tomatoes will not appeal to most palates .So get creative ! If you're missing an ingredient, replace it with something else that will provide the same effect (crunch , spice , tang ,creaminess , etc).No one will know and it'll still be delicious !

Here are some of the easy healthy salad recipes that are extremely delicious and wholesome .

Crunchy Cracks Salad

This is one of the most nutritious healthy salads recipes that is made from a combination of cabbage , carrots ,and yogurt .Cabbage is a great vegetable for weight loss having just 33 calories per cup .Low fat yogurt is a powerhouse of protein that is essential for cell growth , tissue repair , and muscle building .It is an amazing substitute for non- vegetarian sources of protein like meats .Therefore , this salad can be a great inclusion to healthy bodybuilding diet for vegetarians .

Healthy recipe for weight loss - Healthy Vegetarian Salads

200 g of cabbage finely chopped
1 large carrot
4 onions , finely chopped
150 g plain low fat yogurt
pepper to taste 
30 g radishes , sliced
1/3 cup unsalted roasted peanuts
4 tablespoons chopped parsley

Mix the cabbage , carrot and onions in a large bowl .Stir the yogurt and season with pepper .Dress this onto the cabbage mixture and toss well .Just before serving , top it with the radishes , peanuts and the parsley .

Rainbow salad

Usually , kids and teens are fussy about eating vegetables but this is one colorful salad that they are definitely going to love .This is one of the complete healthy salad recipes for dinner that the whole family will enjoy without any complaint .The rainbow salad contains a wide range of colorful vegetables such as bell peppers, carrots , broccoli and onions .Bell peppers are not loved just because of their stunning colors , but for their low calorie content as well .A cup of bell pepper supplies the daily recommended requirement of vitamins A and C and is loaded with phytochemicals and carotenoids that have potent anti-inflammatory benefits .This rich combination of nutrient rich vegetables in this salad makes it an integral part of any healthy food chart .

1 and a 1/2 cup of diced bell pepper
1 and a 1/2 cup of chopped broccoli 
1 cup shredded carrots
1/2 cup diced radishes
1/2 cup of cream 
50 grams of finely diced onions 

Take bell peppers, broccoli , carrots , radishes , dressing and onion in a medium bowl .Toss to mix .You can also add up few herbs and spices to taste and serve chilled .

Alerry Salad

This is a delicious and sweet salad that can also work as a healthy dessert when you are craving something sweet .This is one of the best healthy salad recipes that contain the goodness of almonds , raspberries , and romaine lettuce .Almonds are the healthiest of nuts that is rich in biotin , vitamin E , vitamin B2 and minerals like magnesium .Almonds are extremely beneficial for weight loss and snacking on almonds on a daily basis is effective in maintain body weight at a healthy level .Raspberries are the healthiest of berries rich in antioxidants like anthocyanins , flavonols and tannins that beneficial in neutralizing the negative effects of oxidative stress and preventing the onset of chronic disease .The vitamin E and antioxidants in almonds and raspberries are really beneficial for skin and prevents premature skin aging .This salad is the best way to get clear healthy skin through diet .

4 cups of torn romaine lettuce 
1 cup fresh raspberries
1/2 cup toasted and sliced almonds
1/2 cup raspberry jam
2 tablespoon lemon juice
1/4 cup honey 
2 tablespoon of vegetable oil

In a salad bowl , combine romaine , raspberries and almonds .In a blender , combine the remaining ingredients , cover and process until smooth .Serve the salad with raspberry jam topping .

Quinoa and Tofu Salad

This is one of the easy home recipes for salads that is jam packed with nutritious ingredients like quinoa , olive oil , bell peppers , tomatoes , and cucumbers .Quinoa is a midly flavored gain rich in protein and is an amazing substitute for rice .It is loaded with minerals , folate and fiber and contains no gluten .Being higher in fiber than most of the food grains , quinoa is the best choice for weight watchers because it helps in enhancing satiety and preventing the craving for unhealthy foods .

1 cup of rinsed quinoa
1 cup of baked smoked tofu cut into cubes
1 yellow bell pepper diced
1 tomato diced
1/2 cucumber diced
1 tbsp of chopped parsley
1 tbsp of chopped mint leaves
2 cloves of garlic minced
2 tablespoon of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of black pepper powder
1 teaspoon of salt
2 cups of water
2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

Boil the water in a saucepan and add 1/2 teaspoon of salt  , pour the quinoa and reduce the heat to simmer .Cover the quinoa and cook till the water absorbed .It will take 15 -20 minutes approximately .Now , pour the quinoa in a baking tray and spread it evenly so that it cools down .Mix the lemon juice , garlic , remaining salt and papper in a large bowl and the cooled quinoa to it along with the tofu , bell pepper , tomatoes , cucumber , mint leaves and parsley , toss well and serve .

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